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An exemption removes part of the value of your property from taxation and lowers your taxes. For example, if your home is valued at $100,000 and you qualify for a $20,000 exemption, you pay taxes on your home as if it was worth only $80,000. You can download and fill out an application for these exemptions from the following link. THERE IS NO FEE FOR FILING AN APPLICATION

Exemption form download

For additional information please visit the Texas Comptroller Website

Homestead Exemption

This exemption is available to every homeowner. You can only claim this exemption on the property designated as your primary residence.

Over 65 Exemption

A person who is 65 or older may receive additional exemptions. You are eligible for these exemptions as soon as you turn 65 and you don’t need to be 65 as of the first of the year to apply.

Surviving Spouse Of A First Responder Killed In The Line Of Duty (Tax Code Section 11.134):

You can qualify for this exemption if you are the surviving spouse of a first responder who is killed or fatally injured in the line of duty; and you have not remarried since the death of the first responder.

Disabled Veterans / Surviving Spouse Exemption

You can qualify for this exemption if you have a disability rating of 100% or individual unemployability from the Veterans' Administration and you receive 100% disability payments from the VA. You can also apply for this exemption if your disability is between 10% and 90%. Your disability must be service connected. In order to obtain the exemption, the property must have a Homestead exemption and a letter from the Veterans Benefits Administration Office is required. For more information, visit the following link:

Disabled Veterans

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

100 Percent Disabled Veterans FAQ

US Veterans Administration
5001 North Piedras St.
El Paso, TX 79930-4211
P: (915) 564-6100
Directions to US Veterans Administration

Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities may qualify for this exemption. If your receive disability benefits under the federal Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance Program administered by the Social Security Administration, you may qualify. For more information, visit the following link:

US Social Security Administration
11111 Gateway Blvd W
El Paso, TX 79935
P: 1 (866) 563-9310
Directions to US Social Security Administration

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