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Business Personal Property Renditions

In order to expedite the renditions process and serve taxpayers better, the El Paso Central Appraisal District is now accepting barcoded Business Personal Property Rendition forms online.

There is NO CHARGE for using this service.
This service is only available for BARCODED Business Personal Property Renditions.
Using this online service DOES NOT CHANGE ANY DEADLINES for filing a rendition with the Appraisal District. The Deadline for Filing Business Personal Property Renditions is April 15th.

Submission Guidelines

You may scan and submit the following information along with your rendition:

  • Equipment listings showing assets, date of acquisition and the purchase price (for depreciation purposes)
  • Inventory Balance Sheet
  • IRS Depreciation Schedules

All Business Personal Property Renditions MUST BE SIGNED before being scanned.

Renditions that are not signed will not be accepted.

A successful submission will receive an email acknowledgment from the appraisal district. However, if your form does not contain our BARCODE it will be rejected by the system. Additionally if the form did not include a VALID SIGNATURE*, it will not be processed. Receipt of your Business Personal Property Rendition does not constitute acceptance. If you have any concerns regarding your rendition, consult with a member of our staff at (915) 780-2073.

*Valid signature: property owner, employee of the property owner, or an employee of a property owner on behalf of an affiliated entity of the property owner.

Instructions for Filing Electronically

Scanning Rendition Form and Additional Documents

  1. Fill in and sign the rendition form.
  2. DO NOT cover or write on the barcode on the form.
  3. Form and documents need to be scanned at 400dpi by the scanner (to ensure accuracy and legibility of the documents)
  4. Scan the signed and completed rendition form and all your documents.
  5. If you have more than one account, save all documents into a single file. Make sure that the barcoded form is the first page for each account before scanning. Example
  6. Once scanned, save the file in any of the following formats: .pdf, .tif, or .tiff
  7. Ensure that the file name contains only alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers).

Uploading and Submitting the Rendition

  1. Click the BROWSE button and select the scanned file created for the Rendition.
  2. Once selected, the textbox will show the name of the file.
  3. Provide a valid email address (the email address will only be used to provide notification of receipt)
  4. Verify your email address.
  5. Read the License agreement.
  6. If accepted, place a check in the 'I ACCEPT THE TERMS...' box
  7. Lastly, click on the SUBMIT FILE button
  8. A notification will be sent to the email provided within 24 hours of receiving the rendition. The email message will be addressed from [email protected] Please check your spam or junk folder if this email does not arrive in your Inbox.

Please Click on the button above to submit your Business Personal Property Rendition

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