Questions regarding the recently published request for proposal for Homestead Exemption Audit services.

  1. Is the base year for the audit the 2016 Tax Year? If so, does the audit include the prior five tax years?

    The base year will be for the current year, 2017 (our work in progress has rolled over to 2017), as of the time the database is turned over to the vendor. We do not plan to audit prior years, but the vendors are free to include that option in their proposals.

  2. How many properties in EPCAD have homestead exemptions for the 2016 tax year?

    2016 Homesteads 153,681 of which 44,232 also had over 65 exemptions.

  3. Does this RFP expect only the identification of non-qualified homestead exemptions or is taxpayer contact, case resolution and documentary evidence also sought in order to enable EPCAD to take necessary actions?

    The district only requires identification of non-qualified homestead exemptions, but vendors are free to propose any other additional services that they feel may be beneficial to the district.

  4. What is the maximum number of homestead exemptions you plan to address with this audit?

    All of our homestead properties each year. It is up to each vendor whether they will propose a single year or multiple year solution. I do not know what our future year exemption counts will be, but historically they have been:

    2016 Homestead 153,681 Over 65 44,232
    2015 Homestead 154,274 Over 65 44,852
    2014 Homestead 152,372 Over 65 43,460

    The over 65 accounts are included in the homestead accounts (i.e., for 2016, 153,681 homestead accounts of which 44,232 are ALSO over 65, NOT 153,681 homestead AND 44,232 over 65).

  5. How much time will be allotted to each presenter (including any Q&A), and is the facility set up to allow for Power point presentations--if so, are presenters required to bring the necessary equipment e.g., a projector?

    Currently the Chairman of the El Paso CAD Board of Directors has not determined if a presentation will be required. Typically, the allotted time is 15-20 minutes, including any Q&A. The facility is set up for PowerPoint presentations, no equipment is required.

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